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Reusing Step-Definitions From Class-Path Dependency

16 Mar 2017

Version: New Reusing Step-Definitions From Class-Path Dependency : —

Description :

  • Cucumber-Step-Definitions can be bundled and reused from any external Class-Path Dependencies(JAR/POM…etc) :
  • JAR MUST be added into your project class-path (or) the dependency for the project can be added in maven-pom file.
  • This feature can be enabled through ‘Cucumber User Settings’ Preference Page : ** User MUST have to configure the ROOT Package Name (ex. com.motive.bdd.smp/com.motive.bdd/com.motive…etc) of external Dependencies(JAR/POM…etc) contains all Step-Definition files. ** All external Step-Definition list will be auto populated in feature file through ‘Content Assistance’ feature.

How To Use This Feature :

  • Build and Bundle your required project into JAR/Maven-Dependency having Step-Definition files
  • Uninstall Older version of cucumber-eclipse plugin (Refer : Plugin Installation Process )
  • Install New Version ( plugin from Eclipse-Update-Site of Motive Repository
  • Restart your eclipse after installation.
  • Add the bundled JAR file into your Current Project Class-Path (or) Add the dependency for the project in maven-pom file.
  • MUST Close all the Feature files if already opened in Eclipse Editor.
  • Open ‘Cucumber User Settings’ Preference Page from Eclipse :
  • Click on ‘Window > Preference > Cucumber > User Settings’ :
  • MUST Add your ROOT package name of JAR/pom-dependency (ex. com.motive.bdd.smp/com.motive.bdd/com.motive…etc) into ‘Add Root Package Name Of Your Class-Path Dependency(JAR/POM…etc)’ input field of ‘Cucumber User Settings’ Preference page.
  • Click on ‘Apply > OK’
  • Open any Feature File in which step-definitions need to be reused/imported from external dependency(JAR/POM..etc)
  • Use ‘[Ctrl]+[Space]’ keys to activate ‘Content Assistance’ feature :
  • All Step-definition proposals are populated based on the configured package name of external class-path dependencies(JAR/POM..etc)