Cucumber Eclipse

Eclipse plugin

New release 0.0.23

22 Nov 2018

Version: New release 0.0.23 —

New features

  • add preference to configure indentation style #284

Indentation preference

  • go to step definition from a feature file with CTRL+click #290

Go to step definition


  • faster gherkin editor opening time #281
  • resolution of step definitions from parent projects #289
  • support of cucumber expressions #285

Support cucumber expression

Bug fixes

  • Fix gherkin editor crash on wrong regexp in a step definition #286
  • Fix gherkin editor crash when using cucumber expressions #267 #278
  • Fix string literal syntax highlighting #280

Known limitations

  • Custom parameter types in cucumber expressions are not detected. Thus, the expression I have a {word} cat is supported, but I have a {color} cat will not. #291

Support cucumber expression limitation